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The Rotten Fruit of Calvary Chapel

What fellowship hath light with darkness?

Is the corporate institution called “Calvary Chapel” a biblical church? What are the fruits that Calvary Chapel produces? Are they really not a denomination like they claim? What about Chuck Smith, Bob Coy, David McGee? What about Chuck’s warnings of Rick Warren, then joining with him?

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  Calvary Chapel Fruit PDF Documentation

Chuck Smith suggests abortion

  Calvary Chapel: Another Road To Rome

The Calvinism of Rick Warren

Ministers of Satan and the False Repentance They Preach

This illustrates the false repentance of mind change without any real leads to the same place you were headed before the "mind change" repentance.


True Biblical soul saving repentance consists of these


Below are some of the ridiculous quotes from Baptist Ministers of Satan who appear as ministers of righteousness:

“Repentance is NOT turning from sin.” ”Pastor” Tod Phillips

“Repentance is NOT being sorry for sin. Being sorry for sin is a work.” “Pastor” Tod Phillips

“I Pray that Obama will die and go to hell!” “Pastor” Stephen Anderson

“…if you turn from sin to be saved, you will go to hell.” “Pastor” Tod Phillips

“Yes. I think to stop sinning is works. Have you turned from all your sins? according to your defintion you will have to go to hell.” “Pastor” Tod Phillips

“If you don’t like it, GET THE HELL OUT OF MY CHURCH!” (To a man who did not agree with him about Obama literally being a devil) ”Pastor” Stephen Anderson

“ I am cleaner than you thought to be. We have no cable tv-do you? we have no movies, do not watch the free channels. Watch no movies, only listen to hymns, and on and on we go. What about you, mr. Wonderful. I am sure I preach much harder than you, although this is not a contest.” “Pastor” Tod Phillips

“Turning from sin and sorrow for sin are good things, but if you think that it has one ounce to do with your salvation, you will go to hell.” Pastor” Tod Phillips

Scripture twisting Tod quote:

Psalm 34:18, “The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit.” “To abstractly lift this out of context and apply it to a “do” list for salvation is what the wrong repenters do all the time, but is at least not dividing the word of truth correctly and is actually a different gospel.” “Pastor” Tod Phillips

This is exactly the opposite of the truth. The Bible clearly says, “saveth such as be of a contrite spirit.” This is the spiritual position of the humble that God gives his grace to. Those who presume their salvation by election, or by a prayer, unrepentant and proud God resists.

The level of deception in this antinomial, that is lawless, passive “gospel” is almost limitless. This is the fruit of a OSAS faith alone false gospel. Where men are saved in their sin and those who turn from sin are called sinners, these are the despisers of those that are good, the unholy God said would be prevalent in the falling away, the apostasy that would take place in these last days.

To them remaining in sin is proof you are saved while turning from sin is proof you are on your way to Hell. Listen to this unbelievable message exposing these ministers of Satan who appear as ministers of righteousness, who promise you liberty but are the servants of corruption, who cannot cease from sin.

You will learn in this sermon what biblical repentance is. The difference between God’s repenting and man’s command from God to repent. You will learn how to spot a false doctrine, which is the majority of what is being taught as biblical truth. They preach the wide road that leads to destruction with an itching ear false gospel, pleasing men while rebelling against God and his holy word.

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Exerpts from “The Antinomians are Coming” quoted from here: 

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